Aetheria, born in 2023, was created to fuse sci-fi mystique with cinematic, driving music that touches on metal, pop, and industrial themes. Aetheria focuses each song on telling a story of these intergalactic time-travelers and their adventures across time and space. The music videos are like mini Hollywood films, and the costumes on stage when their starship lands are captivating to the audiences who have caught a sighting.

Aetheria plans on a full length album in 2023 along with a tour in the United States and Europe into 2024. The 4 piece lineup consists of Aetheria, the writer and lead singer with a soaring 4 octave range and who has reminded listeners and music critics of Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia with her powerful range and vocals. With her lower, velvet tones Aetheria is reminiscent of Chibi from The Birthday Massacre.

Tek is the writer, producer, engineer, and guitarist in the band. His guitar tones are influenced by Dino Cazares of Fear Factory and Dimebag of Pantera. In May, Ashes (former Devil Driver) agreed to join the lineup. Prest with his double bass, precise drumming, and innovation makes for a killer live show and stage presence. The band from 2050 has landed.